Awards and Recognition

Outstanding Performer Award, 2007, from Head of Consumer Banking Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Consumer Bank Spotlight Award (CB Credit Operations Business Awards)
Citation from Banking Head, HSBC, 2007 for overall performance
Citation from Product Head, HSBC on overall performances in 2006
Exceptional Service Quality Award by Group Director Mike Denoma, HSBC
Congratulatory Letter from Head Consumer Banking for Superior Performance in 2002
Personal citation from Head Consumer Banking on overall performances in 2005
Personal Citations from Head Consumer Banking for overall performances, 2008
Outstanding 5 years Service  Excellence Award from Standard Chartered Bank 2005
Bravo Award 2010 for CT Program from Chief Technology & Service Officer HSBC
Platinum Award 2010 from GMD Ken Harvey and Sandra Stuart HSBC, 2010
Outstanding Portfolio Performance Award – HSBC 2010
Outstanding Portfolio  Performance Award – HSBC 2008
Tata Consultancy Services Transition Award – HSBC
Executive Director Business Volume Awards– Moringo Organics, 2016